IFax Repeater



The MultiIFAX Remote Control and Indicator Panel (IFAXRepeater) is the result of an imaginative and creative design concept. Only 38mm in depth, the panel provides complete duplication of both indication and control facilities from the main MultiIFAX control unit. The panel can be programmed for full, partial or no operational control facilities.


  • Full Function Remote Control Panel – All controls, indicators and displays on the MultiIFAX are duplicated on Remote Control Panels. The main control panel can be installed out-of-sight and up to 14 Remote Control Panels installed at key points throughout the building
  • Controls enabled by Access Code to prevent unauthorised access
  • Can be programmed for full, partial or no control facilities
  • Slim Profile – 38mm deep
  • Provides full repeat indications and control facilities
  • 48, 96 or 144 Zonal LED versions
  • Interconnected by a 4 core cable – up to 2km from the main control panel
  • Available in Surface or Flush Mounting versions
  • All Steel Cabinet – 1.2mm Sheet Steel
  • Optional RS-232 Interface for Handheld Printer

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    • 340mm (W) X 300mm (H) X 38mm (D)
    • 48 zones
    • 340mm (W) X 520mm (H) X 38mm (D)
    • 96 zones
    • 340mm (W) X 520mm (H) X 38mm (D)
    • 144 zones
  • Material – 1.2mm Sheet Steel
  • Finish – Gloss White Powder Paint, BS00E55
  • Maximum cable length – 2km
  • Quiescent Current – 50mA @ 24VDC
  • Alarm Current
    • 60mA (typical) @ 24VDC
    • 48 zones
    • 70mA (typical) @ 24VDC
    • 96 zones
    • 80mA (typical) @ 24VDC
    • 144 zones
  • Display – 4 X 40 Character, back-lit LCD Display
  • Indicators – System On, Supply Fault, Remote Signal Activated, Remote Signal Fault/Disabled, Sounders Activated, Sounders Silenced, Sounders Fault/Disabled, Fire, Warning, Disabled, Fault, Test, Delays Enabled, System Fault, 48/96 or 144 Zonal LEDs
  • Controls – Alarm Silence/Resound, Reset, Panel Silence, 0..9,
  • Yes/Enter, No/Cancel, Next/Menu
  • Interface Ports – RS232 and RS485 – ESD Protected
  • Order Codes
    • MA-05-102
    • 48 zones, Surface-mounted
    • MA-05-103
    • 48 zones, Flush-mounted
    • MA-05-104
    • 96 zones, Surface-mounted
    • MA-05-105
    • 144 zones, Surface-mounted

Download Documents

This information is available in a printer-friendly format, together with other documentation for the IFAXRepeater and MultiIFAX on our downloads page. A picture of the IFAXRepeater board is available here.