The British Approvals for Fire Equipment – BAFE – was established in 1984 to raise and maintain high standards of quality in active fire protection products and services. Firms registered with BAFE are all ISO 9000 certificated and have adopted one or more of the BAFE registered schemes.

In today’s environment of risk assessment, with the responsibility for safety on the owner/occupier, it becomes increasingly important that the quality of fire protection ensures “fit for purpose” and is maintained by “competent persons”. In buying your fire protection from a BAFE Registered Firm you are assured of this.

In July 2002 Multi Alarm GB became the UK’s first BAFE SP203-1 Registered Firm.
This Scheme has been developed to permit companies involved with the design, commissioning, handover or maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems to become third party certificated and BAFE listed as a recognition of their competence to undertake their scope of work.

By so doing, the certificates issued by these companies on completion of their work will give the client and relevant regulating authorities confidence that the work has been correctly undertaken. Relevant matters relating to the safety of occupants of the buildings and the assets within the buildings will have been taken into account. The indications of the delivery of the work to the required specification will be certificates, or similar documents, for the relevant work modules, a comprehensive system commissioning certificate and, providing all work has resulted in the issue of module certificates, or similar documents, and the project has been successfully verified, a BAFE Certificate of Compliance for the overall installation.